Not to be missed in the region!

Saint-Etienne is the third town of Rhône-Alpes. Well-known for its enterprising mind, Saint-Etienne differs from the others thanks to its exceptional character : a mix between innovation, companies and nature...
Awarded “City of Art and History” , Saint-Étienne proudly bears the standard for design, which has left its mark in local history, from cycles to ribbons via arms.

Saint-Étienne is now a breeding-ground for technological innovation and area of choice for cutting-edge industry, cultivating a taste for the arts and benefiting from its exceptional geographic location at the foot of the Pilat regional nature reserve.

Lastly, no-one could discuss the St. Etienne conurbation without mentioning the Geoffroy Guichard stadium, the AS St. Etienne football team and its sporting legend! As one of the top French clubs, the team still thrills thousands of supporters throughout France! If you love sport, come and test yourself on the SaintéLyon, one of the most difficult races in France...

A bit of tourism...

  • The Pilat Regional Nature Reserve
    Exceptional sites, hiking, mountain biking, adventure courses, inns and local produce ...
  • Saint-Victor sur Loire
    A village perched in the mountains, overlooking the Grangent dam and the Loire Gorges. Château, beach and exceptional views!
  • Parc de l’Europe
    Right in the heart of the city, enjoy this oasis of green. Perfect for your early morning jog!
  • Saint-Etienne Golf Course
    Enjoy a relaxing break before you hit the road or between two meetings...
    Recently, Saint-Etienne has earned “Tourist City” status.

A zest for culture

  • Design Centre
    A symbol of Saint-Étienne’s commitment to the future of design, the Design Centre hosts a Biennial Design Festival. This great event brings together international designers, an enthusiastic audience and many passers-by eager to see discoveries and surprises!
    Built on the site of the former Saint-Étienne Munitions Factory, the Design Centre stands out through its innovative architecture, which bears the Finn GEIPEL hallmark.
  • The Saint-Étienne Astronef Planetarium
    A magical place for dreamers... Perfect for keeping your head in the clouds!
  • The Mining Museum, the Museum of Art and Industry and the Museum of Modern Art
    These are the big three of Saint-Etienne" ! Three museums that take you from history to the expertise of Saint-Etienne via an unfailing love for art.
    For info : the Museum of Modern Art houses the second greatest collection of contemporary French art after the Pompidou Centre
  • The Le Corbusier heritage site at Firminy (10mins.)

And great pleasure!

  • Geoffroy Guichard Stadium
    Come and experience “the Cauldron”...
  • Zénith de Saint-Étienne
    Bearing the Norman Foster hallmark, this aerodynamic building was designed to maximise the use of renewable energy.
  • The Saint-Jacques district
    One of the historic districts of Saint-Étienne. Take a stroll down its pedestrian streets, visit its designer boutiques and stop off at one of its many restaurants.
  • After nightfall...
    Saint-Étienne is packed with music bars, discothèques and trendy leisure venues.

Events not to be missed

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